The Methods and Data Comparability Board is a partnership of water-quality experts whose mission is to develop water-quality monitoring approaches that facilitate collaboration and comparability amongst all data-gathering organizations. The Board develops products that enhance our ability to achieve real environmental gains while making the best use of the limited resources available for water-quality monitoring.

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Glossary of Terms

This Glossary of Terms is added to our products because the information in the three Workgroup’s products contains terms that may have several meanings depending on the context or source.  It is designed as a companion to the other products to help the user determine how a given term is used in our products. Therefore the definitions in the ASW glossary may not be a "standard" or universal term.
(Sample list; download entire file here...)
Term or Word
Defintion, Part 1
Defintion, Part 2
Definition source
Acceptance Criteria Criteria that address the adequacy of existing information proposed for inclusion into the project.  These criteria often apply to data drawn from existing sources ("secondary" data)  EPA
Activity (Monitoring) Type of data collection effort; can be observation, field measurement, or sample.   Equivalent to Field Activity in ESAR.  CWT
Ambient Pertaining to the current environmental conditions, i.e., at the time of observation. CWT
Antifouling A process of preventing or inhibiting the growth of biofouling organisms on submerged sensors and equipemnt RE
Continuous monitoring A quantity specified at a particular instant in time measured with sufficient frequency (defined interval) to exhibit serial correlation among the data. ASW
Real time Refers generally to systems that respond (almost) immediately or synchronously to external events.   OGC
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