Sensor QA (ACRR) Matrix

The Sensor QA (ACRR) Matrix is, essentially, a list of actions you can do to Affect, Check, Record, and Report the quality of your Sensors' measurements. A number of data quality aspects are addressed. The Matrix reflects the Sensors QA Workgroup’s consensus on recommendations for a minimal list of actions which will still ensure delivery of data of known and documented quality. These actions are packaged in a series of spreadsheets (tabs), each containing a dedicated Matrix, for temperature, specific conductance, dissolved oxygen (DO), pH, turbidity, depth, and oxidation-reduction potential (ORP).  We also added a generic Matrix with ACRR actions which pertain to all sensors.  Monitoring Tips are added, linked to specific actions, as part of each Matrix; the same tips are also compiled on a separate tab. Please keep in mind that the Matrix is meant to be used by field operators in conjunction with the User's Manual (for instrument-specific instructions) and with the Program's SOP.

Download QA Matrix files

Entire file (5.2 MB PDF)

Turbidity Addendum (July 2009)


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